Our experienced orthodontist and professional team welcome you to our website and look forward to seeing your beautiful smile. We are always happy to assist our patients with all of their orthodontic needs, especially those new to our practice in Enid, Oklahoma. Dr. Gary Lee Breece offers free consultations where he will examine your teeth and discuss potential straightening options. We may also take time for diagnostic records of X-rays, photos, and scans to show how your smile can look after you visit Orthodontic Solutions for straightening treatment.

During our initial consultation, you may have many questions for our orthodontist. We encourage you to ask us these questions and others such as:

  • Is there a condition that orthodontics can treat?
  • Is treatment needed soon or should it be delayed until factors like tooth eruption and growth have occurred?
  • What orthodontic treatments will be used to correct a problem?
  • Will any permanent teeth require removal?
  • How long does a straightening treatment last?
  • How much does orthodontic treatment cost and what payment options are available?

We will also need a panoramic (full-mouth) X-ray of your teeth for your initial consultation so we can determine the extent of orthodontic treatment. Our team will take this X-ray, or you can provide a recent one for our orthodontist to view.

We are always happy to assist our patients with insurance when they visit us for orthodontics. But because not all dental insurances cover straightening treatments, it is helpful if you know the following information before you see us for a consultation:

  • Does your insurance plan provide orthodontic benefits?
  • How much will your insurance cover?
  • Is there a waiting period before treatment?
  • Is there an age limit for coverage?

Have your insurance card ready when you call your insurance provider with these questions. Bring the information you have learned and your insurance card when you visit our practice so we can file a claim and give you an estimate of the total cost for your orthodontic treatment.

We ask you to arrive to your consultation with our orthodontist 10 minutes early so you can provide our team with needed information. You can also complete a new patient form online. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify our practice 24 hours in advance. At Orthodontic Solutions, we hope to see you soon so we can give you a straight, healthy smile through orthodontic treatment.