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Are you aware of common risk factors that lead to the creation of malocclusions? A malocclusion is an oral health ailment in which an individual is suffering from teeth that are not aligned properly. This is also known as a bad bite. Furthermore, jaw structure problems can also cause malocclusions. Here are some common malocclusions to watch out for when looking at you or your child’s bite:

– Misplaced midlines arise when the center of your upper incisors fails to line up with the center of your lower incisors.
– Underbites occur when your lower front incisors are sticking out past your upper front incisors. These are also known as bulldog teeth.
– Overbites occur when the upper incisors stick out past the lower incisors. These are also known as overjets and buck teeth.
– Open bites arise when the top and bottom incisors do line up.
– Other common types of malocclusions are overcrowding, rotation and transposition malocclusions.

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