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The space maintainer device was created solely for children who have lost a baby tooth before it was ready to come out. This can happen due to baby bottle tooth decay, where children are fed too much sugar at an early age, or it may have been knocked out in a sports or playground accident. A space maintainer is a wise preventative appliance as it plugs in the gap with an artificial tooth, evading misalignments that may occur due to premature tooth loss.

Depending on your child’s age and mouth, you and your orthodontist may prefer either a removable or fixed space maintainer. The removable form is created from acrylic combined with a artificial, durable, porcelain tooth which is placed over the gap. The removable option tends be more suited to an older, more conscientious child who will take care to remove the appliance and clean it twice a day.

A fixed maintainer is permanently attached to the mouth with safe and strong dental cement and is locked down using bilateral appliances composed of stainless steel wire linking to neighboring teeth. Depending on the location of the lost tooth in your child’s mouth, there are many types of fixed space maintainers. Ask Dr. Gary Lee Breece for further direction on this point.

Adjusting to the device may take some time for your son or daughter. You might want to pay special mind to your child’s oral hygiene routine as well, as the device can make it both more intricate and more vital to clean the mouth.

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