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Braces are a huge investment. They’re not cheap, but a permanently straight smile is worth the cost. However, if you neglect properly cleaning your braces, you put yourself at risk for a host of complications, including the possibility of needing to wear braces for longer than you originally anticipated.

This is why you need to make yourself aware of the routine care your braces need.

Chewing gum and eating sticky foods can bend wires, loosen brackets or dislodge spacers. Biting down repeatedly into crunchy, hard foods and chewing on ice and hard candies also bend wires and damage other hardware. This also extends to bad habits like chewing on hard objects, pencils, pens and ice.

If a bracket, wire, or band breaks loose, you can secure any sharp points by using the special orthodontic wax Dr. Gary Lee Breece gave you. This will help to protect your mouth until you can get it repaired. If you don’t have the wax readily on hand, you can use a pencil eraser in a pinch.

It’s important to maintain your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice each day. If you have trouble cleaning around the braces or flossing the spaces between your teeth, you might want to try using interdental brushes or a floss threader with wax coated floss.

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